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Submitted on
December 1, 2011


13 (who?)

EDIT4: Hey all! Happy new Dragon year:icondragonlick:
So I'm bit late because I had some problems with my computer... Sorry.... So I guess it was better for you because you had a little bit more time^^
But now contest has ended and we will not accept any new submissions. Voting will start in a few days and I hope that soon we will fin out who is the winner :la:


Edit3: Okey now I see how much big mistake I did. I was featuring other contests in there and all of you was confused. So one more time I say. This is contest is for our :iconanimelovers: group. And the theme is RAIN. And the deadline is 2011-12-31
Other contests are featured here ---->…

Edit2: So from some of you I heard that you need more time because of the exams, work and because Christmas is so near... So.... We will be extending contest for 9 more days!!! That means that contest will end 2011-12-31. Hope that will be enough time for all of you^^

Edit1: Please don't be surprised if the prize list will change because we are still searching for people who can donate prizes so when more prizes are added we have to make it fair to all the winners!

Hi all!!!
Firs of all I want to say sorry for the group inactivity... So sorry... :iconimsorryplz:
School is killing me lately...
But anyway, today it is a good day because we are finally having a contest! :w00t:

:bulletred:Theme for the contest: RAIN:bulletred:

Rain by SpitFire19er

Maybe it's a bit late because winter is coming but I think it will still be lots of fun!!!


:bulletred: one work per person.
:bulletred: Work must be done 100% by you.
:bulletred: It can be fan art or original art. You're chose. But please don't mix >.<
:bulletred: Your work must be connected to rain somehow.
:bulletred: Work must be colored
:bulletred: In the artist comments write that this work is for the :iconanimelovers: contest
:bulletred: Submit your work to the "Rain contest" folder.
:bulletred: It must be done for the contest only. That means no old works from looooong time ago.

Contest start. 2011-12-02 And it ends 2011-12-31


Each place will get a :iconbasicllamaplz: from:

:iconkerryopia: 200 :points:
:iconkokotensho: digital full body request (no background)
:iconelite101: digital request (with background and your oc characters.)
:iconerenyeagers: animated icon
:icontakosuu: 50 :points:
:iconkaoru-tian: full body
:icononlyforisara: 3-month premium membership
:iconmaakucat: 250:points:
:iconmaakucat: Full Body with Background
:iconmarshybarks: black and white traditional request

:iconrin-atori: digital request (one character with BG)
:iconkerryopia: digital or traditional request (no background)
:iconkokotensho: 50 :points:
:iconnikkou-bunney: chibi painted or a full body painted
:iconkaoru-tian: half body
:icononlyforisara: 50:points:
:iconmaakucat: 100:points:
:iconmaakucat: Full Body without Background
:iconninja-chopsticks: traditional request
:iconmikrideb:Traditional/Digital Fanart Request! Only if you want to.

:iconrin-atori: chibi request.
:iconmakaxd: request (no background)
:iconashurrii24: traditional request
:iconkaoru-tian: chibi
:icononlyforisara: 50:points:
:iconmaakucat: 50:points:
:iconmaakucat: Line Art
:iconmarshybarks: black and white traditional request
:iconmikrideb: Traditional/Digital Fanart Request! Only if you want to.
:iconnowere19: Chibi request (no backround)

We are still searching for people who can donate prizes so in the end of the contest there might be even more of them!
Good luck!!! If you have any questions don't hesitate! Ask to the comments below!
That's it for now. Bye:iconyoyobyebyeplz:

:iconanimelovers: team

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MicehellWDomination Jan 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
:iconfireworks2plz: :iconhnyplz.: :iconfireworks2plz:
makaXD Jan 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1amLinK Dec 31, 2011  Student General Artist
My contest entry! Hope I'm not late! >_< [link]
1amLinK Dec 30, 2011  Student General Artist
Wait, December 31 in my time or in USA time, or what?
makaXD Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, saw that you already submitted it. My bad :P
1amLinK Jan 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Haha, it's okay! Thanks! :D
makaXD Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't worry you entered. But please submit it to the "Rain contest" folder in our group :)
YiiChan Dec 30, 2011  Student Digital Artist
im drawing somthing ATM
i Hope i ll submit it tommorow or tonight >_< !!!

Is a cool contest D:
YiiChan Dec 31, 2011  Student Digital Artist

my entry :D
makaXD Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay :D
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